The New Zealand Oral Health Practitioner Awards

In recognition of oral health practitioners who exemplify commitment to oral health care, NZOHA wishes to acknowledge our members who are going above and beyond to raise the bar for our respective professions. We know that our members are humble and feel no need for any accolades, but these awards also ensure that valuable members of our professions are recognised by the wider oral health community and health sector. 

Past Winners

Dental Therapist of the year

2018 - Barbara Dewson

2019 - Arish Naresh

2021 - Dr Elizabeth Webb

2022 - Adrienne Rollo

Dental Hygienist of the Year

2016 - Mary Mowbray

2017 - Lesley Turner Hall

2018 - Anna Holyoake

2019 - Paula Palmer

2021 - Erin Campbell Day

2022 - Cynthia Wallbridge

Oral Health Therapist of the year

2018 - Samuel Carrington

2019 - Yun Yu Liu

2021 - Sheena Mcphail

2022 - Jacquie Clements

People's Choice

2022 - Elizabeth Webb

Hon. Annette King Award for Leadership and Excellence in Oral Health

2018 - Arish Naresh

2019 - Dr Susan Moffat

2021 - Dr Helen Tane

2022 - Cynthia Wallbridge


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