NZOHA Launch, Awards and AGM

NZOHA invites its members to attend our first educational event. This day will include lectures from very accomplished speakers, company displays and the first NZOHA AGM. After a day of education and collegiality we will conclude the day with music, drinks, canapés and association awards. 

When: Saturday 30th July - all day

Where: Aotea Centre, Auckland

Cost: NZOHA Members - $150 / Non Members - $ 525 

Registrations opening soon


Megan Sharpe, RDA, HBDI Cert Practitioner / General Manager – Practice Solutions (Prime Practice ANZ)

Infection Prevention & Sterilisation Consultant / Consultant, Dental Education Services (Aus)
Ergonomic & Posturedontics Consultant
Practice Management Consultant AAPM
Certified HBDI Whole Brain Technology Practitioner 

Meg is a well-known trainer, educator and presenter throughout Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands and delivers a comprehensive and informative presentation of theory suitable for practical application to everyday clinical practice in the dental setting.

Meg has over 30 years’ background and experience in the dental industry. She has both clinical and industry knowledge and has held many roles in both fields including Dental Auxiliary, Clinical Services Manager, Patient Treatment Co-Ordinator, Practice Manager, Territory Manager, Sales Manager, Training & Development Manager, Professional Services Manager, Manager Practice Solutions and currently as General Manager – Practice Solutions ANZ.

Her extensive knowledge of Infection Control and Sterilisation is delivered in a manner suitable for all members of the dental team and is designed to ensure the practice is in adherence with the required expectations of the Code of Practice as outlined by the AS/NZS 4187:2014 and 4815:2006.

Meg was an invited member of the NZDA Code of Practice Advisory Group and the DCNZ Infection Prevention and Control Practice Standard committee, member and consultant to NZ Sterile Sciences Association.

She has a clinical background and a passion for dentistry, specifically in the areas of Practice Management, Infection Control and Sterilisation, Ergonomics and Occupational Hygiene. Meg imparts her knowledge in an interactive and friendly manner ensuring all members of the team are clear about their role responsibility and accountability for the management of the infectious cycle and the effective reprocessing of instrumentation and equipment, and the management of the sterilisation process in the most efficient manner.

Her overall objective is that the team becomes self-managed to deliver a quality management approach to infection prevention and general compliance in the most effective and efficient way for enhanced productivity and therefore increased profitability and risk management.

She imparts her knowledge in an interactive and friendly manner ensuring all members of the team are clear about their respective role responsibilities and specific clinician accountability in the overall management of the infectious cycle and the effective reprocessing of instrumentation and equipment, and the management of a validated and reproducible sterilisation process in the most efficient manner.

Having completed a training programme in practicing proper posture and ergonomics while performing dental procedures, Meg realises this is extremely important to all team members in the dental practice and provides training sessions in Ergonomics, Posturedontics and Team Approach Dentistry using Four Handed clinical technique. Bringing awareness and providing some necessary tools for staff to look better, feel better and be more productive with minimal practice related pain and fatigue.  Her goal is to encourage selection of appropriate products and use of efficient instruments and equipment to promote a better sense of wellbeing, enhance productivity, and increase overall longevity and prosperity of a dental career.

In recognition of her contributions to the Dental Industry, Meg was awarded the 2018 Honorary Membership Award by the New Zealand Dental Association.

​Dr Mo Al- Dujaili, BDS (Otago), DClinDent (Ortho) (Otago), MRACDS (Orth), MOrth RCS (Edinburgh)

Mo is an orthodontic specialist who qualified from the University of Otago and practices at Shakespeare Orthodontics in Auckland.

Mo had worked as a dentist in multiple practices across Australia and New Zealand before specialising. The first four years of clinical practice, he worked alongside his father, gaining broad experience in general dentistry. As a specialist orthodontist, Mo set up in Auckland, where he practises alongside his wife and fellow orthodontist.

He has presented at acclaimed national and international conferences/meetings including presentations at the International Association of Dental Research (IADR), the European Orthodontic Society, and the Australasian Begg Society of Orthodontics Conferences. He currently holds a position of Senior Lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, and has also published in peer-reviewed journals.

A firm believer in maintaining high clinical standards, Mo has completed numerous examinations and is consequently affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. He also holds numerous professional national and international memberships. He is a Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics, and a Member of the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists, New Zealand Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists.

​Assoc Prof Ali Mirjalili

Assoc Prof Ali Mirjalili, is a medically qualified clinical anatomist. Today, Ali teaches clinically applied topographical anatomy to undergraduates medical students and radiologic anatomy to radiological trainees at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Ali also teaches surgical anatomy to surgical trainees and junior doctors at the Science for Surgeons Course, University of Auckland. 

Here is the Surface Anatomy pocket book (on sale at the event for $25) book signing available.


8.30am - Doors Open / Registration

9am - Meg Sharpe 

Infection Prevention & Control, ‘Don’t turn a blind eye to the box you tick’ – what did I just say yes to?

When we ‘tick a box’ we usually have a thinking process along the lines of “I’m pretty sure that is the case” or “Yes, I think that’s right”.

It is often said there are stages of learning:

  • When we know what we know. Good, that’s our knowledge base.
  • When we know what we don’t know. Easy, we research for an answer.
  • When we don’t know, what we don’t know. Tricky, but important to figure out.

When it comes to infection prevention protocols, it can be a shock to discover a critical protocol or process does not exist, is being overlooked, or the team is unaware of its requirement or importance.

Is your practice overlooking any important steps in the infection prevention process? Are there any infection prevention protocols you didn’t know you needed?

Everyday clinical life for the hygienist and/or therapist can be challenging to ‘manage it all’, and don’t we know it! Patient focus, excellence in record keeping, education, environmental and aerosol management, room changeover, reprocessing instruments, equipment management, sterilisation documentation, and a validated process. Even if you have a dedicated assistant to support you with several, or maybe even all the non-clinical tasks you remain accountable for the instruments and equipment used in the patient treatment. Many of you work unassisted or are responsible for direct instrument management and sterilisation.  Either way, a team led and team managed approach with shared responsibility for everyday tasks is key.

Protecting our patients and ourselves, means continuing to practice meticulous infection prevention and control. Infection prevention is still on everyone's mind. Paying attention to detail really pays off!

This session will review and remind (maybe even reveal!) some critically important aspects of the practice infection prevention protocols required to ensure as a clinician you can be supported, confidently compliant and turn an “I think so” to an “I know so”.

Review and ensure your standard infection prevention precautions and protocols including:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Use of personal protective equipment (e.g., gloves, masks, eyewear)
  • Respiratory hygiene / cough etiquette
  • Sharps safety (engineering and work practice controls)
  • Safe injection practices
  • Instrument management - sterile instruments and devices
  • Sterilisation, documentation, BCI and your validated load
  • Waterline management
  • Suction management
  • Environmental management – aerosols and surfaces

10.30am - Morning tea 

11am - Dr Mo Al-Dujaili BDS, DClinDent (Ortho) 

Anomalies in Orthodontics – It is all about space!

This presentation will give an overview of the common anomalies that clinicians face routinely when carrying out orthodontic treatment. When considering alignment of the teeth and bite, it is imperative that we are aware of any anomalies that alter the space requirements. That is, anything that affects the number, position or the size of the teeth will have an impact on the orthodontic requirements and likely outcomes for a patient. Clinical case presentations and an evidence-based approach will be presented to highlight key concepts.


  • Enable a clinician to recognise common orthodontic anomalies
  • Appreciate the importance of timing in detection of developmental anomalies
  • Highlight the importance of understanding normal eruption timing and patterns
  • Appreciate the complications that can occur as a result of teeth shape, position or size anomalies
  • Appraise clinical cases and the evidence that can influence clinical decisions

12pm - Speaker to be confirmed 

1pm - Lunch 

2pm - Associate Professor Ali Mirjalili - Revision on Clinical Head & Neck Anatomy - Skull & Bony Architecture, Oral Cavity, Muscles of Mastication & TMJ 

3.30pm - NZOHA AGM and Awards 

4pm - Canapés and Drinks Sponsors Colgate and Henry Schein, Crown Dental
This event will also include company displays, association awards and AGM

Exhibiting Companies

Dental companies have the perfect opportunity to showcase their products and advancements to the dental community at this event. Company reps are excited to discuss what they have to offer in person with our event attendees. Dental Therapist, Oral Health Therapists and Dental Hygienists advocate for prevention keep up today with new products. 


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