NZOHA Structure

In July 2021, the Executive Committee agreed to a proposed structure for the transition to the new NZOHA association to be presented to members for comments.  Please review and read the associated notes below:

NZOHA Executive Structure





Comms Director

Advisory Group Director

Professional Development Director

Te Ao Mārama Rep


The Executive will consist of:

  • NZOHA President
  • NZOHA Vice-President
  • NZOHA Communications Director
  • NZOHA Advisory Group Director
  • NZOHA Professional DevelopmentDirector
  • Te Ao Mārama Representative

The NZOHA Administrator will sit on the Executive ex officio (no voting rights).
Terms for the Executive are three (3) years.
Maximum of three (3) consecutive terms allowed.
Te Ao Mārama Executive member is to be decided on by Te Ao Mārama.

The Executive will also invite the following people to present reports to the Executive at each meeting:

  • Bachelor of Oral Health Convenor (University of Otago)
  • Head of Oral Health (Auckland University of Technology)

NZOHA Advisory Group Structure

Executive Group

Dental Therapy Advisory Group (DTAG)

4 x members

Oral Health Therapy Advisory Group (OHTAG)

4 x members

Dental Hygiene Advisory Group (DHAG)

4 x members

New Graduate Rep

Otago University Student Rep

AUT Student Rep


Each advisory group will comprise of four elected members:

  • An upper North Island representative
  • A lower North Island representative
  • An upper South Island representative
  • A lower South Island representative 

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